Bike to School Day

Well, we are quickly rounding out the school year and the end is approaching.  Doesn’t it kind of come on like one big downhill on your bike.  You really want to finish strong but you know the end is like a free fall with a lot of bumps.  By this point we are all so ready to be done.  Done with homework, packing lunches, keeping track of those pesky library books and on and on……

In two weeks my first-born baby boy will be graduating from 5th grade and I gotta admit that while we Sam is totally ready for middle school, I am a bit sad that he is already becoming a big kid.  Everybody says it and at times you crave it and wish time would move more quickly, but the little kid years do go by way too fast.

Sooo, yesterday was the first day that it was nice enough in the morning to bike to school.  Thank goodness because it was Bike to School Day.  I love this day.  All over town kids are riding their little hearts out.  When I got to school, I counted three cars in the parking lot.  Love. It.

By Paige’s bike computer we are exactly one semi flat mile to school.  It is a perfect ride and takes us about 8 minutes as long as we have no collisions or catastrophes (with four kids, it happens).

It is always such a great start to our day when we bike to school.   It really minimizes the squabbling in the back seat 🙂

DSC_2601 DSC_2602 DSC_2603 DSC_2604 DSC_2607


Happy Friday.  Everybody take a deep breath.  Only two more weeks of school.  We can make it 🙂


One thought on “Bike to School Day

  1. Although I don’t comment much I read all your blogs and enjoy “sharing” your life far from the flat land of Michigan. Thanks for letting us share with you and your great family. Mary

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