Dance Recital {Paigie Style}

Paigie had her end of the year dance recital tonight.  She takes a combination dance class at the rec center in Silverthorne.  They have a great program that is fun and very low-key.  Right up our alley:)   Paige’s class danced four routines including ballet, tap and hip hop.  She did a great job and we were very proud of her.  She is very timid and isn’t a fan of being in front of people so for her to get up on stage is a huge accomplishment.   The pictures were horrible so here are just a couple.  She has another performance tomorrow for one of the elementary schools.  I will try to get some better shots then. DSC_2608_edited-1 Getting ready.  I am not a huge fan of performance make-up but I did let her wear a little blush and mascara. She was pumped! DSC_2633 I think her favorite thing about the recital (besides the blush and mascara) were the flowers. DSC_2639   She danced her little heart out and we could not have been prouder of our girl.


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