{{Warning}} Braggy Parent Post

Today, along with 3 other 5th graders from his school, Samuel was give an award from the Elks Lodge of Summit County for outstanding achievement in academics and citizenship.  His teacher nominated him and his principal and both fifth grade teachers came to give out the awards. We were so proud of Sam.  Momma was pretty teary.  He is such an awesome, cool, bright, kind kid.  He also still gives the best hugs.  We love you Mr. Man.

DSC_2644_edited-1 DSC_2648_edited-1


Quickly approaching the last day of school. I am not kidding when I say it is a race to the end.   My mind and my calendar as swirling with picnics, field trips, promotions, gifts, parties and ceremonies.  I think I can, I think can…..

Is it nap time yet?



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