Horsie Picnic

Yes, that is the name of the picnic.

Every year, one of the second grade teachers invites all the second graders and their families out to her horse ranch in Fairplay for a day full of fun.  There were horse rides, lunch, a seed spitting contest and lots of other “ranchy” stuff.  The kids were running from the minute we arrived and didn’t stop until we hit the car.  It was a great day for all.

DSC_2676_edited-1 DSC_2680

This was the only picture of Paige (our second grader) from the whole day.  She was so busy with her friends that I couldn’t get her to stand still for a picture.  I guess she had a good time:)


Mrs. B told Sam that he was a natural on the horse.  He told me that his knuckles turned white because he was so afraid he might fall off.


I love Mason’s little face in this picture.  He was waiting his turn at the sunflower seed spitting contest.


Alice and her two besties, Adam and Lilly.  Where they go, so does she.  We are so happy that she has made two awesome friends.  The three musketeers, for sure.

DSC_2707_edited-1Even Scott got in on the seed spitting action.  The parent competition got pretty heated:)

It was a fantastic day for all of us.  The weather has been gorgeous and the days long and sunny.  We are blessed to live in this beautiful place, surrounded by such wonderful people.  Blessed indeed.


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