Happy Father’s Day

DSC_2881_edited-1 DSC_2884_edited-1 DSC_2891_edited-1 DSC_2897_edited-1 DSC_2904_edited-1 DSC_2912_edited-1

I really wanted a group shot of Scott and the kids but that was easier said than done.  As you can see below, they couldn’t stand still without squirting someone and then the craziness would ensue.

DSC_2913_edited-2 DSC_2917_edited-1 DSC_2918_edited-1 DSC_2921_edited-1


I hope you all had a very nice Father’s Day.  As you can see, we are having a blast:)

Happy Father’s Day to Scott, my dad, Scott’s dad and our brothers and brothers in-laws……


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