Running Buddies

Right now, I have three of them; Running buddies that is….

Today was the Frisco Bacon Burner 6K.  It was a gorgeous morning for a run by the lake. The kids love this race because a slice of bacon is served at the halfway aid station.  Since we don’t normally eat bacon, or any meat for that matter, it is a huge treat and an even bigger reason to get up early and run a race.  This race is part of the BBQ Challenge weekend in Frisco.  All weekend the streets are closed off and filled with bbqers of all kinds.  Bands are playing continuously throughout the weekend and it really is a fun kickoff to summer.  The pig races might be our favorite event of the weekend.

Sam and I headed out in the first wave and Alice and Paige ran in the third wave of the race.  Everyone ran really well today.  Sam was still hurting a bit from a fall on his mountain bike a week ago (scrapes, bruises, sore ankle) and he was pretty disappointed with his finish.  He really wanted to be the first kid to finish and another little boy passed him near the end and Sam was really mad (and tired) so he walked in to the finish.  Alice has been running with me early every morning so she was really ready.  Don’t tell her I told you but she finished first in her wave. Not just first out of all the kids but first out of all the women she was running with.  Can you say crazy proud parents.  I don’t think I will be wiping this grin off my face for quite some time:)  Paige ran well too.  She ran and walked a bit and had a boost from Daddy right at the end.  She is a fast little thing and with a bit of training she will be on the heels of her sister in no time.

DSC_2864_edited-1 DSC_2865_edited-1 DSC_2868_edited-1

It was a super fun day.  I love my little running buddies.  I am pretty sure that they are all going to pass me up really soon!


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