{10} Happy Birthday Alice.

A decade.

Hard to believe.

Time flies when you are keeping kids alive.

Alice is celebrating her 10th birthday today.  We went canoeing on Lake Dillon and had a picnic on one of the small islands out in Frisco Bay, which is now renamed Wescott Island. The first island we stopped at had a lot of great skipping stones but 100 times more ants and spiders so we left there and deemed that small spot of land, Spider Island.  Not a great place for a picnic.  As we were headed in from our morning of paddling around the lake, Alice sits back, puts her paddle aside, looks at her arms and says…Workin’ on the gun show.  Well, let me tell you, with the amount of paddling she really did, there isn’t going to be much of a show:)

We all enjoyed the morning out on the water.  A beautiful day for a birthday.



DSC_2983 DSC_2988 DSC_2996_edited-1


Happy Birthday to our little ladybug. She is sweet, thoughtful and has beauty beyond measure inside and out.  We love you Alice!

Jennifer, Scott, Sam, Paige and Mason

2 thoughts on “{10} Happy Birthday Alice.

  1. I love these pictures!! It looks like a perfect way to spend your birthday!! Happy Birthday Alice!! We love you and can’t wait to see you all!!

  2. “Beauty beyond measure” is the perfect way to describe your darling daughter! Happy Birthday Alice! xoxo Tyson’s

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