The Masonator turns 6…

My baby is no longer a baby.  Well, he will always be my baby but he is getting to be a big boy, way too quickly.

Happy Birthday to our happy go lucky, very early rising, bigger than life, super duper hugger, Mason.

All he wanted to do this year for his birthday was hang out at the park.  That sounded like a great plan but a bit boring so instead of hanging out at one park for the day, we went on a park tour of Summit County.  Unfortunately, the weather derailed us a bit after lunch but we did end up making it to four parks.

Check out our day….

Park #1 ~Mason opened his first present here and was very happy that we had landed at a play spot with a pond.

DSC_3061 DSC_3066 DSC_3069 DSC_3071


Park #2 ~ After a quick stop for some veggie sub sandwiches we headed to Silverthorne.  Mason opened his second present at this park.





Park #3 ~ We haven’t been to this park yet.  It did not disappoint!  We also found a great place to come and fish:)  Mason was thrilled that this park had a huge baseball field where he could play with his present from Grandma Peggy and Papa Gary.  He loves the stomp rockets almost as much as Daddy does.



DSC_3086 DSC_3083


Park #4 ~ Luckily this park was right down the street from church where Sam had youth group, so we dropped him off and got our play on.  At this park we had some more stomp rocket fun and even got out the parachute for some family fun.





Our little man had a great day.  After we got home, we had cupcakes and Mason opened the rest of his presents.  It was an awesome family party.

We love you, Mason!

Momma, Daddy, Sam, Alice and Paige

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