When you think about the Colorado mountains, you mostly think about skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking and camping.  In this house, we hear a lot about horses.  Alice has a new love for horses.  She is “going to camp” once a week for the summer at a horse rescue. She is just in love with these animals and really enjoys helping to take care of them each week.  The kids scoop poop, feed, bath and give general care to the animals at the rescue.  They also are given the opportunity to ride the horses as well which is really what Alice loves.   At the beginning of the summer we found her some cowgirl boots and all she was missing was the hat.  For her 10th birthday, Grandma Peggy and Papa Gary sent her this sweet cowgirl hat and she is in heaven.  DSC_3053_edited-1 DSC_3059_edited-1


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