Improving the Skillz

Today I bribed asked Alice to go outside with me for a mini photo shoot.  I have been working on shooting in some new to me settings on my camera and she just got a new haircut (so she was feeling sassy).  Alice is pretty photogenic and I don’t have to ask her to be silly; she just hams it up.  I can do a decent job just shooting in auto or aperture mode but I have never shot pictures in manual.  I have been practicing inside but today has been gorgeous and warmer so I braved my midday sun/manual mode phobia and headed out there.

DSC_0704_edited-1 DSC_0711_edited-1

I still have a lot of work to do but I think I am starting to get the hang of it.  My adorable model makes it easier too:)

DSC_0714_edited-1 DSC_0721_edited-1

This is my favorite.  I did crop it and bring up the color just a bit.  I think that I could adjust my camera settings a bit for sharpness.


Love that girl and her green eyes.

Happy Sunday.


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