Middle of Week Recipe {Potato Plate}

Potato Plate is pretty much like baked potatoes but easier to eat for a couple of my non knife using kiddos. I came across this idea at a super cute little eatery in Laguna Beach, CA while Scott and I were on our mental health beach camping weekend. I was internet searching vegan restaurants and found The Stand. It is literally a food stand with some outdoor seating.  They have the largest vegan menu I have ever seen.  Scott and I ordered 4 different things and just ate family style.  By the way, the smoothies are also delicious.

Sooo, back to my middleoftheweektoobusytocookanythingelse recipe……

I cube about 12 medium potatoes (no judging~I have four very big eaters) and boil them.  Then we throw anything we can think of right on top of a pile of potato.

Here is our list tonight.  Next time it might look totally different.

Black beans, Guacamole, salsa, vegan cheese, green onions, lettuce, kale, spinach, chopped carrots and diced green peppers.

Kinda sounds like nachos but with potato………..and kale.

I try to add some green veggie like broccoli or kale to as many meals as possible.  Super green veggies rule.

My kids eat this up and they can design their own plates, which they love.  I usually go behind them adding all the good stuff but at least they get a bit of control:)

I have heard from a very reliable source that grandparents get pretty upset when I post food or book pictures without children in them so here you are….a middle of the week recipe picture plus my cute boys.



Happy cooking.


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