Just One More Vacation Post {Venice, Italy}

I read an article today that listed the top ten cities in the world that were most worthy of a visit.  Venice was number 4.  I have to admit that while I thought Venice was super cool and I am thrilled that we made a quick stop there, I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more if about 75% of the people hadn’t.  It was definitely a bit of a tourist trap.  Aside from the amazing amount of people, it was hard not to fall in love with the narrow, winding walkways between ancient buildings and the ornate bridges that led the way over channels and waterways.  When the kids asked for a gondola ride, I couldn’t find a reason why we wouldn’t do it.  It was definitely worth every euro.  Expensive, yep.  Touristy, yep. Crazy cool.  Totally.  We only had a day and a half to see Venice and in my opinion, it was plenty of time.  Touring Venice was a great end to our fantastic European vacation.

The funny part about coming home was that when we left Italy it was warm and sunny and when we flew into Denver it was cold and rainy.  Even funnier was the fact that it was snowing at home.  In June.

So, here is a glimpse of Venice, Italy.  Enjoy.












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