Jumpin’ Bikes

We are so lucky to have a fantastic bike park super close to our house.  The  kids beg me, pretty much every day, to ride over to the bike park.  I have tried telling them that we do have to do some laundry this summer but they don’t get it;)  We usually pack a lunch and spend a couple of hours riding around.  I make them do a little trail riding and then reward them with tons of park time.  They are all getting a bit braver on the jumps.  Sam is doing really well and the girls aren’t too far behind.  Mason took his first try on the jumps, got some serious air and then had an epic  fall.  I didn’t get any pics of him riding because he was pretty sure staying on the pump track was good enough for him.  Maybe next time….

















Of course, there were no pictures of me jumping….because I really like to walk and breathe….

Happy Monday!




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