Spring Break {Fruita, CO}

For the second half of our spring break (the first half was full of boring stuff like cleaning and laundry), we packed up the camper and our bikes and headed to Fruita.  Fruita is a small town just a few miles from the Colorado/Utah border.  It is most definitely a mountain biking destination.  The views are phenomenal and the weather is really gorgeous this time of year.   We did a lot of biking and relaxing.  Perfect four days….


Mason and I took a break to check out some super cool rock while the others went out on a quick spin…



Sam finishing up a ride.  Can you find him up there? 




My handsome husband stopping (on a cliff) so I could take some pictures. Right below him (hundreds of feet below him) is the Colorado River.


My boys getting after it on the Rustler Trail.


I like to think that Rosie is my dog but she and Mason are pretty close too:)

Happy Monday!


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