I know, I know…

I haven’t posted on this silly blog for over a month.  What is going on?  Well, we haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth.  We are here, just staying silly busy.  Isn’t May the craziest month ever?  It sure is for us.

Here are a few shots from this month.  On top of being insanely busy, I lost my camera charger so I haven’t taken a ton of pictures.



Scott’s 40th birthday.  Why doesn’t he look 40?  Annoying.




The babies and I at the park in Minturn.  They are quickly gaining on me.  Doubly annoying.



The love of my life.  Still lookin’ good after 17 years….




Three out of four of my babies.  They find new ways to play at the park now…and it usually scares me to death!

I promise I will do better with the posting once we are on summer break.  Only 6 more days of school! Wahoo!


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