Hey Everybody!

It has definitely been awhile since I have been here writing.  I apologize to my family and friends who like to follow along with our life and happenings.  I decided to take a break before the holidays for a few reasons but mainly because I was just getting tired.  This was the first holiday season in 14 years that I was working out of the house during the day, five days a week.  It was most definitely an adjustment for me.  I didn’t feel like I had the time to get anything done well.  With that thought in mind I made the decision to give up a few things that traditionally I had done in the past (i.e. Christmas cards) and make time for some things that I could get done and do them without resentment or stress. So, this blog got dropped for a couple months and that is okay.  I have been writing on and off here since 2008.  Recently, Alice and I went back and read all the post from the very first until now.  We laughed and I cried too.  Of course, I mainly have focused on all the fun and adventurous things we have accomplished over the years but there were some hard moments in there too.  Overall, we realized that we are so blessed to be living this full and awesome life!  We have seen and done amazing things, even if you count numerous trips to the zoo, hikes and school events.  Thanks for reading and waiting on me.  I think I am back:)  Maybe not quite as often, but back nonetheless.  Happy reading.


Pretend this was our Christmas card…Sam (14), Alice (12), Paige (10) and Mason (8)


We had a wonderful December.  It started out a bit stressful but ended with a lot of relaxation and much needed time off.  Thank you to my parents, who could see that Scott and I (but mostly me) needed a break and time to finish some last minute shopping, took the kids to their house for a few days.  They had so much fun.  They ate out, went to the zoo, watched Christmas movies and ate more meat and dairy than I care to know about:)   I am going to give you the December highlights in pictures.  Enjoy!

So, the selfie stick might have been the gift of the year at our house.  Instead of giving presents, we decided to have a cousins tubing afternoon and it was such a good decision!  Mason (of course) was the ham star of the winter program at school.  This year, we bought our tree but hopefully next year we can continue the annual Christmas Tree hunt.  The Werschkys braved the tourists and came to Frisco. We had a wonderful day celebrating…including ice-cream and Elf.  Mostly, we stayed in our jammies, read lots of books, threw 100’s of snowballs, skied and spent wonderful time together.

Tonight we will celebrate the end of the season at the Spontaneous Combustion.  Everybody throws their trees into a big pile and the town lights them on fire.  We end the night with fireworks.  It is one of my favorite days of the year!

Good night!




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