Off to the Races {Nordic}

We had our first middle school nordic ski race yesterday.  It was ridiculously cold (like 18 degrees cold) and blowing.  Sam has decided to race nordic this year instead of racing alpine, which has made our life soooo much easier.  Because most of the alpine/downhill races are on Fridays, Sam was missing a lot of school and schoolwork. He made the choice to focus on his academics.  He is still learning to skate ski so he didn’t finish as well as he would have hoped.  Alice had an okay race but her fingers and toes were frozen by the time she finished and let’s just say that she wasn’t a happy camper.  Overall, it was a fine first start to the season.  I am praying for a warmer next race!


Alice’s final push into the finish.


The middle school boys start.  Sam is in that group of boys.  Spandex and below freezing temps don’t mix well!

We came home and warmed up by the fireplace.  After dinner, we headed back out into the frozen tundra for (my favorite day of the year) the Spontaneous Combustion.  The day each year that the town of Frisco burns everybody’s Christmas trees in an enormous bonfire.  The town ends the night with fireworks.  Love it!!!


Happy Sunday!




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