December Pictures…Straight out of the Camera….

There isn’t much to say except that I do take some pictures with my phone.  The kids take about a 1000 times more but those are usually weird selfies with funny graphics.  Here are a few pics I snapped from the good ole’ I Phone.

phone pic 2

Sam wasn’t excited to see Star Wars….at all.

phone pic 3

It’s been a little bit chilly around here.  We’re hoping it warms up.  Soon.

phone pic 4

The selfie stick is pretty fun.  Rosie even got in on the excitement.

phone pic 5

Scott and Sam in their first uphill Skimo race.  Go up, ski down, go up again, ski down.  Go up….well, you get the point. And they do this at 7 am on a Tuesday morning!

phone pic

Mason and mama waiting on the others after a long day of skiing at A-Basin.  He is still smiling and that is so good!


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