Bring It January.

To all the moms out there…can I get an AMEN?  Not only does every activity overlap in January but we also have to contend with snow and cold (Brandie, you are one of the lucky ones, my little Cali friend).  Actually, we love the snow but it does add a degree of difficulty when you are jetting from one place to another!  And it has been COLD here.  Last week I was so tired of working out inside that I braved the weather and Rosie and I went for a short nordic ski.  It wasn’t too bad as long as you kept moving!  Thank goodness I started out uphill.

This past week all four kiddos had nordic skiing after school.  Mason had karate and percussion club and Paige had her first basketball game.  I was a driving fool.  Or a fool driving?  Whatever.

Displaying IMG_2972.JPGDisplaying IMG_2972.JPGIMG_2972


Sorry about the awful basketball pictures.  I took them with my phone and those girls won’t stop for a picture.  I can’t imagine why?!?? Paige is #1 in red.


Mason lost his battle with sleep and was out the entire drive to the middle school nordic ski race on Saturday morning. It’s okay because he was just recharging his batteries for the day.  I do have a few pictures of the classic ski races but they are on Scott’s phone and he is currently skiing uphill with Sam and Alice (by headlamp).  Sam really enjoyed his first classic race and skied so well! Alice has improved so much and she had a great race too.

This morning Scott and I got out for a beautiful ski tour on Vail Pass.  It has been snowing here for about three days and the snow if fantastic.  As we skinned up, the snow was up to our knees and coming down was so much fun because it was just so deep!  It was a fun ski date for sure!  We are surely counting our blessing and being able to live in the mountains is definitely at the top of that list!!

Happy Sunday!



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