Frisco Brewski 2016

This past weekend the kiddos didn’t have a ski meet so we were freeeeeeeee!  Sam had an awesome day at Keystone with four of his friends.  I love that he is now old enough to ski alone with his buds.  He has fantastic friends and I am very comfortable with leaving them to ski for the day.  Of course, they are fourteen… I am sure they are not totally innocent:)   While Scott got some work done, Alice and I went to the middle school to watch Ellie’s basketball game.

In the afternoon, the Young’s dropped their kids at our house and the adults headed to the Frisco Nordic Center for the First Annual Frisco Brewski.  It could not have been a more perfect day! We skied around the nordic center, sampling beer and laughing til we fell down (mostly me).  Scott, of course, crushed us all on skis!  It was a fun day.  Everybody at the brewski dressed in costumes, ranging from Big Bird to Stormtroopers.  Here are a few of the pics taken.

Frisco  Brewski

I was slightly outnumbered by these Spartans, but believe it or not, I got more Chippewa call outs!

I think it was the cape:)

Frisco Brewski 2

Frisco Brewski 3

Frisco Brewski 4

Happy Tuesday!  Looking forward to another beautiful day!

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