Winter Break…Coming to an End.

Tomorrow we have to get back to business.  Kids back to school and mom back to work.  It was a fun week just hanging out at home.  Many of our friends headed to warmer places but we decided to hang out here and really enjoy the time off.  We nordic skied, down hill skied with grandpa, went to the movies, ate lunch out, spent time in Colorado Springs, stayed in our jammies all day and relaxed! Looking forward to spring break!  Ha!


I said….Go outside and get some fresh air!  They ran around for a few minutes and then ran back inside to warm up.  We were looking forward to warmer weather in the Springs but it was about the same as home…cold. Obviously, COS didn’t get the memo that we wanted warm weather!


Alice helping grandma make soup for dinner.

Now we are not only back to school but play practice and voice lessons for Alice, karate for Mason (working really hard on his next belt), bike and run training for Sam, Alice and Paige and drum lessons for Paige (she is turning into a little rocker!).

Wow! It is going to be a great spring!



Alice and I celebrating after her very first musical audition.  She rocked it and got a part in the Little Mermaid Jr. It was wayyyyy out of her comfort zone and I am so proud of her for working really hard and doing her best!


Alice also worked really hard last semester and made the top honor roll at school.  She was rewarded with double piercings in her ears!


Now that I am old and have to wear glasses, Paige and I are twinsies.  She is most definitely the cuter, younger version:)


We are loving these blue bird ski days for sure!  Family nordic day.


Lunch break after a fun morning of skiing with grandpa at A-Basin.  Another beautiful ski day!

We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful place where we can work hard and play even harder!  Love where you live!

Happy Sunday!



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