Happy Birthday Paige {Eleven}


Happy birthday to our little Paigie.  She turned eleven last week but she and I have been under the weather so I am just getting around to posting.  The day before her big day she had two friends stay the night and then we took our kids and Paige’s friends to Denver to the indoor water park.  Unfortunately, Paige was starting to not feel well and she mostly stayed in the hot tub. Thank goodness she took two friends, as they had to keep each other company.  By her actual birthday, she was horizontal on the couch with a fever and cough.  She wanted rainbow pancakes for breakfast and a chocolate cake for dessert but didn’t really feel well enough to enjoy them.



She finally went back to school on Thursday and I am now working on peeling myself off the couch.  Ugh, being sick stinks.  Here’s to a better next week!



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