Family Adventures {Mexico}

For our spring break, we decided to pack up the car and drive to the beach….in Mexico.  It was an easy 15 hour drive through Colorado, Utah, Arizona and then a little over an hour into Mexico. We stayed in a timeshare about 30 minutes from the small town of Puerto Penasco.  It is a pretty chill place which was perfect for our beach lovin’ family.  We found tons of shells, made sand castles and relaxed like crazy.  We did get a chance to get out on our paddleboards a few times and splurged on a swim with sea lions.



Because we were on the Sea of Cortez (and not the big ocean) the shells were amazing.  We even found a ton of shells with creatures still in them!  We threw those back in:)  Scott found a clam shell with a baby octopus hiding in it.  I wish I had a picture of all four of the kids on their bellies, watching the octopus move around in the water (he even shot out some ink….).  Don’t worry, we made sure he was back in the water, safe and sound.



We were pretty much the only people on the beach all week.  It was breezy and cooler (80 degrees) which kept most others away from the water.


One of the highlights of our trip was a boat ride out to an island inhabited only by birds and sea lions.



One last picture on the deck of our resort before we headed back to the snowy mountains.


Of course we had to stop at the Four Corners on our way home.  We did have plans to go to the Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde but the weather was not cooperating.


The huge estuary behind our timeshare.  We put our paddleboards in here where it was calmer.  We were lucky to see tons of sting rays, jumping bone fish and lots of crab.



Selfie on the beach with my two mini-me’s.  While the other three went back out on the paddleboards, we packed up our dinner and had a picnic on the beach.


30 minutes from home but our minds were still on the beach.  Blizzard at home dropped over a foot of snow.  Re-entry was hard.

Now back to school for the final push to the end of the year.  We can do it! Scott and the kids took a ton of GoPro footage so hopefully we can get that up soon.

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