Homecoming {2018}

Last night, my two biggest headed off to Homecoming.  Man, we love having teenagers.  They are so fun!  It is so rad to see them not only getting bigger but growing up and making great (and sometimes not so great) choices.  We love who they are becoming!

Alice went with three of her best friends.  They got ready together, took pictures, made pizzas and drank Shirley Temples, went to the dance and now are at a sleepover.

Sam, of course, went with his girlfriend.  It is much a quieter process for a boy.  Basically his only job was to pick up the corsage and take a shower :). He met his date for pictures and then they had a potluck with a ton of their friends before heading to the dance.

Like I said, it was a great night.  Sounds like everyone had fun, stayed safe and made it home.  We are blessed.


After all the craziness of taking pictures 🙂 we met some friends at the closest brewery for an adult beverage!  Whew.

Today we are going to enjoy a quiet day…with some more remodeling thrown in!

Happy Sunday,





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