Family Time

With our busy schedules, it is sometimes hard to get out for family time. This morning we were all at home and it was the perfect time for a hike. Due to an unusually warm summer with little rain, our lake (reservoir) is super low (18-20 feet down) Normally, around the shore of the lake there are many little islands. Well, this year there are no islands because the water is so low. We had some great conversations about water consumption and desalinization and weather spikes due to global warming. We hiked out to the last “island” and then stopped to watch a sailboat maneuver through the very thin channel of water. Another awesome Colorado day spent together:)

A huge heron was sitting in this pond. In a normal year, this is all covered in water. A few pictures up you can see the high water warning sign for boats. It’s dry.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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