Escaping the Rain

I know, I know.  We are not supposed to complain about rain in Colorado.  After numerous wildfires we welcome rain.  And it has been raining…and raining…and raining.  Since July.  So, with no end in sight and the entire front range under water, we decided the last minute to pack up the kids and bikes and head west to Moab.  Scott had been a couple of times but the kids and I have never been to this mountain biking mecca.  It really isn’t even safe to utter those words around here.  If you mountain bike, you have been to Moab.  Well, now we are legit.

We headed west bright and early on Saturday morning and got to Moab around lunch time. I will give you one guess on weather. Yep, raining.  Unbelievable.  We put the tent up in the rain, walked around downtown in the rain and then called uncle and headed inside for some dinner.  By that point I was not in the mood to grill hot dogs, in the rain.  After we left the restaurant, the black clouds seemed to be clearing so we took the kids for a drive to find dinosaur tracks.  We were unsuccessful but we did find some great hiking and killer views of the sunset.  The weather was coming around to my way of thinking.

Sunday we woke up (very early) to a clear sky.  Stars were shining and then as the sun came up, we were blessed with a bluebird sky.  We packed up the truck as quickly as possible and headed out to ride our bikes. We ended up riding our bikes for about 5 hours, just stopping to eat lunch and refill water bottles.  It was a glorious day and one that we won’t forget.  The kids amazed us with their level of riding and we listened when they were done.  Always quit while you are ahead.

After biking we took a slow drive through Arches NP and got our fill of ooohs and ahhhhs.  Breathtaking scenery abounds.  We did a bit of hiking around the rocks and kept our eyes peeled for those “arches”.

Sooo, if you have scrolled down for the pictures, here you go:)

DSC_3497_edited-1 DSC_3502_edited-1 DSC_3504_edited-2 DSC_3511_edited-1 DSC_3519_edited-1 DSC_3526_edited-1 DSC_3528_edited-1 DSC_3535_edited-1 DSC_3545_edited-1 DSC_3554


DSC_3494_edited-1 DSC_3548 DSC_3549


This little guy slept most of the four hour drive home.  After biking and hiking all day, he was pooped out.  The best way to be on a long drive, in the rain.

Have a great week!  The sun is shining this morning!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Escaping the Rain

  1. I cannot wait to take my kids biking there! And Arches National Park is awesome too! Glad you got some time out of the rain:)

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