Big Race Day

Just pictures for now…too tired to blog something clever…more weekend and race details to follow. Jen
Update: I am definitely feeling more awake and less sore today. Thanks to everyone who cheered me on at the race and from afar. I feel great about my finish. Since I had never done this race, I was not sure what to expect. We ran 6 miles up from the bottom of Pike’s Peak to the halfway point at Barr Camp and then turned around and ran back down. Scott says that it is about 4000 ft elevation gain. There was a 3 1/2 hour cutoff and I wanted to beat that. I did with a 2:57 finish. We got lucky with the weather and it wasn’t nearly as hot as some of the weekends preceding the race. Boy am I glad that is done. Now on to Scott’s big race next weekend….50 mile trail run…Sam would say this…”Daddy is a little crazy in the hair, he should go to the loopy bin!”.

Our childhood friend, Kent Young, also ran the race. He finished in just over 2 hours. Way to go!

When we got home from the race, she was resting in the shade.
I think she was hungry too because she ate all my flowers.
Oh well, they lasted longer than I had expected anyway.

Every once in a while…

My kids like what I cook…or so it seems. Tonight I made chicken nuggets and Sam said “Mommy, these taste way better than McDonald’s!”. The last time that I made them he wondered aloud if I had borrowed the McDonald’s nugget recipe. The recipe comes from Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook, Deceptively Delicious. You can find the recipe at I think there are tons of great recipes in this book. I am not bragging (well, maybe a little) but my kids love veggies so I don’t have to be quite so deceptive. You honestly cannot taste the spinach puree in the nuggets. Yes, I did say spinach.
If you are looking for a great mommy gift, this is a good one. Wow, and I am not even getting paid for this…


Scott snapped this photo off the deck one evening this week, double rainbow, beautiful!

Hi all,

Life has been pretty crazy around here. Jesse has run away 5 times this week , so that alone has kept me busy, chasing her around the neighborhood. The kids have found it very amusing, so I am glad that someone is happy :)! Invisible Fence has been here and laid the cable. Hopefully, next week, the cable with be turned on and she will no longer roam free. I am sure the neighbors will be almost as happy as I.

Our friends are still staying with us. The kids love it and are having so much fun with their friends, Ellie and Brendan. They have pretty much lived on the swing set for the last two weeks. I know we will all miss the company next week! Boy, will it be quiet around here! I took these pictures of the kids this afternoon. Once again, they were enjoying the warm morning on the swing set. Alice didn’t feel like having her picture taken (I am taking her temp right now).

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

It has been a while since my last post! We have been very busy. Since last Sunday we have had some friends staying with us. They are moving back down into the Springs from Monument and needed to crash somewhere while work was being done on their new house. We are thrilled because their new home is only 1 1/2 miles down the hill from our house. The kids have been having a blast from morning until night!

On Tuesday, I had Lasik surgery on my eyes. I was laid up for one day and have been feeling and seeing great since! I originally had my first Lasik in college because my eyesight was really horrible, so bad that I was legally blind in one eye. I do not miss those contacts and glasses one bit, so when the doctor told me that I needed them to drive, I decided to forgo the glasses and get enhanced, by the laser, of course!

Friday the 4th, we spent most of the day at the pool. The weather was beautiful, a perfect Colorado day. We sat next to the sand box and playground mainly because there was no other place to squeeze in. The kids had fun in between swimming and eating to play and get super sandy! After the pool we cleaned ourselves up and went out for a yummy dinner. After dinner we headed back to our house for bocce ball fun. We were planning on watching the fireworks at the Air Force Academy but decided to wait and see what we could see from the yard. Our house is up on a ridge so we can see pretty far. Thankfully, after lots of crossed fingers and toes, we were able to see the downtown fireworks from our neighbors driveway. They were pretty spectacular and we definitely know where we will be next year for the holiday!! After the pool and fireworks, all the kids fell into bed. The adults enjoyed the rest of the evening with cocktails and more bocce ball.

Victoria, Brendan and Scott hanging out on the deck waiting for those fireworks.

Ahhh, Saturday. Scott and I got up bright and early to hit Barr Trail. My big race (Barr Trail Mountain Race- 12 miles) is next weekend and I wanted to make sure that I could easily beat the 3 1/2 hour cutoff. I started off really slow, thanks to the cocktails and the heat (not a good combo) but sped up as we got closer to Barr Camp. I am pretty sure that I can make it but I am also pretty sure it isn’t going to feel good:) After 4 Advil and a shower, I was feeling much better. In the afternoon, we drove to a friends cabin on the backside of Pike’s Peak. We relaxed and had a great dinner. The kids spent the entire time jumping from rock to rock and exploring around the cabin.
Headed to Barr Camp.
I love this sign….almost there….
Ellie and Sam wrapped up in the hammock, relaxing at the cabin

We hope that you had a fantastic holiday weekend!